Kobe International Flute Competition (KIFC) has announced application guidelines for its 10th edition, taking place August 26 through September 5, 2021, in Kobe, Hyogo Japan.

Highly valued as a competition that produces many flutists currently at the forefront of international stages KIFC brings back five laureates who have become internationally well-respected flutists and professors – Petri Alanko, Sarah Louvion, Ayako Takagi, Arife Gülsen Tatu, and Henrik Wiese – as jury members.

The Kobe International Flute Competition was established in 1985 and is held every four years. After three decades since its inception, the KIFC was on the verge of suspending its 9th edition (2017) due to the Kobe City Government’s decision to eliminate public funding to the KIFC; the City’s concerns were its high dependence on the public funding and its low recognition among Kobe citizens. Yet, with great supports from Kobe citizens and admirers of music all over the world, the KIFC overcame challenges and made its 9th edition great success, making its turning point.

In 2017, Hélène Boulègue and ICMA Discovery Award winner Yuan Yu won the competition. Pizzicato’s reviews of Hélène Boulègue’s CDs are here an here. Yuan Yu’s website is here.

More information is available here: https://kobe-flute.jp/en/

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