With the Maggio Musicale left in great economic difficulty after the Pereira era, the City of Florence and the Region of Tuscany are working on possibilities to save the opera house from closure. The Maggio must find 8.5 million euros by July. Without those funds, the risks are very high, including for the 300 employees.

One of the options is to sell the historical Maggio Musicale archives that comprises precious artistic works by Guttuso, Sironi, and De Chirico.

While most of the concerned people, including the unions, agree that the state of economic crisis of the Maggio Musicale is due to the irresponsible management of the previous intendant, the valorization of the Archives is not easy, given the short time frame in the current dramatic situation.

In Florence once openly speaks about two institutions that could acquire the Maggio archives, the Novecento Museum, and the Uffizi Galleries. Yet both houses could probably not act fast enough. So, the city and the region are under pressure to do something else to save the Maggio Musicale.

Alexander Pereira als Opernintendant in Florenz zurückgetreten

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