As part of the EU co-funded Creative Europe Project Butterfly a call is launched to engage composers who want to be a part of a movement to better understand and highlight the need for greater sustainability in Opera. « We are inviting composers resident in countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme to submit their applications to compose for an original, captivating and ecologically aware opera and participate more widely in an innovative and green project », the organizer says.

So, the Butterfly Project aims to create a new attitude towards sustainability in theatre and opera houses by exploring new green practices related to opera production and circulation. To do so, the project will go through the entire process of opera co-creation and co-production of a sustainable opera – from the opera commission to the public attendance and the sharing of the sustainable practices experimented with, with a particular focus on engaging young audiences throughout the whole process.

The opera created within Butterfly will combine three acts of thirty minutes each (one for each country), comprising three stories dedicated to an environmental theme: water, earth and air. The co-production will involve three composers (and librettists) from the project’s three partner opera houses.

The three selected composers will be in charge of composing the music for this new production which is set to premiere in May 2025 in the theatres of the Project’s partners, Teatro Pavarotti-Freni Modena (Italy), Opera BOX (Finland) and Opera Bałtycka w Gdańsku (Poland) as well as online.


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