In an open letter, French contralto Sacha Hatala expressed indignation over the financial conditions she got for singing a concert at the Beaune Festival. According to her, the remuneration barely covered her travel and accommodation expenses.

The festival’s management replied that her fee was fixed at 800 Euros for singing a short aria of 2 minutes and some recitatives. Moreover the festival had offered to take over hotel and travel cost for artists not living in Paris, where the rehearsals took place.

According to the festivals statement, Sacha Hatala had obviously not taken care to read her contract and did not even give the festival office the required information necessary for its final version. The singer did not make any request for any handling of any hotel and travel cost.

Despite the virulent attack, the festival has offered to cover all the costs incurred by the singer who has not made her fame with this action.

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