Ludwig van Beethoven

Today, Friday 25 March on 3 p.m. the Brussels Philharmonic and the Flemish Radio Choir will perform Beethoven’s Ode to Joy at Placer de la Bourse in Brussels.

Here is the press release: « The musicians, singers and staff of Brussels Philharmonic and the Flemish Radio Choir are, just like the whole world, shocked by the dramatic events of last Tuesday in ‘their’ Brussels. Our hearts go out to the many victims, their families, close ones, and everyone who has been affected directly and indirectly.

We sympathize deeply as human beings, but also as a Flemish art institution that has her home in Brussels, but also not in the last place as musicians. We cannot help but make our voice heard. A voice that, as a result of the more than 18 different nationalities in our orchestra and choir – every one of them having made Brussels their home – sounds in many languages. But the one language we all speak, that unites our voices, is music…

What we can offer in these times of unspeakable sorrow, torn apart lives, growing distrust and distance between people, is exactly that music. Music bonds, helps with healing, with dealing with what has happened, bringing people together. The idea arose spontaneously by the musicians. Minister of Culture Sven Gatz and Mayor Yvan Mayeur were immediately interested. Thus we managed to create this moment at the steps of the Bourse in brief time. »

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