Chopin Monument Zelazova-Wola
Photo: Remy Franck

A most unusual Chopin Competition is announced for September 2018. It is not only falling out of the series (the next normal Chopin Competition is taking place in 2020), but it will also be the first ever Chopin Competition on historical instruments. The event is set up to mark 100 years of Poland’s independence after 123 years of foreign rule.

The competition will be open to pianists aged 18 to 35, and the participants will play on pianos from the National Chopin Institute’s collection, including Erards from 1838, 1849 and 1855, Pleyels from 1848 and 1854, and an 1843 Broadwood, as well as copies of period instruments, including Chopin’s Buchholtz, specially commissioned for the competition. The original instrument was destroyed in an uprising against Poland’s Russian rulers.


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