Via his lawyer Mr. R. Levitt, violinist Stefan Arzberger (Leipziger Streichquartett), who faces charges of attempted murder after having been drugged and robbed in a Manhattan hotel, published this statement: „Today we were in court to discuss various pre-trial issues. Because we notified the court that we would likely present expert testimony at trial to establish that I had been involuntarily drugged on March 27, the prosecutor asked permission to have me examined by its own psychiatrist, and we said we would voluntarily do so. The court adjourned the proceedings for two months, until August 20, to give the prosecutor time to select a suitable psychiatrist and to speak with me. On the adjourn date we are hopeful that we will receive a favorable report from the prosecutor’s psychiatrist and that, if necessary a trial date will be set. We have explained to the court that we want to begin trial as soon as possible and we are hopeful that the trial will be scheduled to begin no longer than two months after our August 20 adjourn date.“ Arzberger is not allowed to leave the United States.

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