Veronica Antonelli

French-Italian soprano Veronica Antonelli, known for organizing concerts at very special venues, has written a new musical concept for blind people. This unique ‘journey of the senses’ will take place in the remarkable heritage site of the Bon Sauveur Foundation in Albi (French Region Midi-Pyrénées) on Sunday, November 17 from 17h00 to 18h30.

Three performers will participate, the blind creative cook Vincent Porchon, the scientific mediator Guillaume Perret and soprano Veronica Antonelli herself. The three invite the audience to deploy all senses except sight. Non blind people are encouraged to bring their own blind folds to liberate ‘the you that lives inside’ and to see the world from a blind person’s perspective.

Veronica Antonelli will sing famous opera arias and sacred songs, playing with the natural resonance of the monument in an innovative way, the reverberation through these monuments giving the music a new dimension in terms of depths and perception. At the end, with the food of Vincent Porchon and the explanations of Guillaume Perret, the show is to offer a sensory discovery of monuments through touch, smell, taste and hearing, as well as to experience, in some way at least, what a blind person’s life is. This will allow the non blind people to understand the universe of the blind and to become able to have a better communication with them.

The show will participate in the ‘Handiculture Award’.

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