An investigation published by the Navalny support website has concluded that Russian conductor Valery Gergiev is not only very close to Putin but also kind of an oligarch, according to a very detailed investigation that follows the activities and assets of Valery Gergiev in Russia, the United States, the Netherlands and Italy.

In 2015 Gergiev became the heir, for a quarter, of the fortune of the Japanese philanthropist Yoko Nagae, famous patron of the Mariinsky Theater, herself heir of the Milanese industrialist Renzo Ceschina, who died in 1982. Today Gergiev’s real estate holdings in Italy are worth € 150 million. They comprise land next to Rimini airport, one of Milan’s most lucrative restaurants and several buildings in Venice.

The documents unveiled by the Navalny investigation allege that the articles of incorporation of the company wholly owned by Valery Gergiev and managing his Venetian assets associate Gergiev with Dutch citizenship.

Gergiev is also said to be the owner of an apartment in New York, which, according to the authors of the investigation, does not appear in Gergiev’s official statements of assets. The report shows, with documents annexed, that Gergiev bought this apartment in an elite part of New York, not far from Central Park. It is a 165-square-meter apartment for $2,500,000 in 2004.

It looks like he owns also a lot of property in Russia including three apartments in St. Petersburg, a palace in Vienna and properties in Munich.

The report also says that Gergiev took money from a charity fund in his own name for years.

The investigation and its documents are available at:

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