Teatro alla Scala, Milano

On Piazza della Scala in Milan a group of student-workers, were protesting this weekend against their precarious situation. After a year of employment as ushers, they were left without work. They were hired in 2022 on an intermittent contract, initially for four months and then renewed twice, the first for six months and the second for two. Once the 12 months were over, « none of the ushers, even those who stood out for diligence and attendance rate, were offered a contract that would exceed one year of employment, » the youths complain. This is the first time the Scala ushers have mobilized. The message, four days before the 2023 season opening is unambiguous: « Your excellence on stage, without our dignity, is worth nothing. » The young ushers’ request is to have the opportunity to sign contracts that cover the entire study cycle, from 3 to 5 years depending on the type of degree.

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