The SODRE Symphony Orchestra, Uruguay’s national orchestra, suffers hugely from austerity measures. Founded in 1931, Latin America’s oldest orchestra once was a bastion of national culture and an essential benchmark for the whole of the Latin American region. It has been directed by celebrities such as Erich Kleiber, Ottorino Respighi or Igor Stravinsky, to mention just the most iconic.

The International Federation of Musicians FIM writes: « Unfortunately, political leaders have set out on a path to gradually eliminate permanent positions in favour of precarious ones with short-term contracts. Currently, the orchestra has only 52 positions left for stable jobs, 47 positions being covered by precarious ones. FIM firmly condemns this short-sighted policy which is jeopardising the institution’s artistic heritage. The SODRE Symphony Orchestra must urgently carry out the recruitments required to fill the 47 positions which are currently vacant. »

To support the SODRE Symphony Orchestra Musicians in their struggle to safeguard their institution you can sign the online petition.


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