Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Turkish flutist Sefika Kutluer will perform Mozart’s long-lost ‘Wendling Flute Concerto’ on 2 December at the opening concert of her festival in Istanbul. The flutist will be accompanied by Austria’s Tutti Mozart Orchestra, under the baton of Vinicius Kattah. The concerto was found in a library in Switzerland.

Sefika Kutluer said, that according to a recently discovered letter from Mozart to his father it became clear that the work was written by Mozart. Wendling was a well-known flutist and composer. Until now musicologists believed that Mozart wrote only a movement for one of Wendling’s own concertos. This movement was registered as lost, yet has a Köchel number, 284e. So, future studies must show whether the entire work performed by Sefika Kutluer was written by Mozart or only part of it.

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