© Philharmonie Luxembourg / Eric Engel

Available on Deutsche Weller’s YouTube channel since April 2002, the live recording of the ICMA Gala 2022 made in the Philharmonie Luxembourg was seen now by one million people. This makes this video with winners of the International Classical Music Awards 2022 one of the most successful productions of classical music in the Internet.

Viewers from all continents, from Asia and Latin America, from Australia, North America and Europe adore the music played by the Luxembourg Philharmonic and Orchestre de l’Opéra Royal de Versailles with soloists Gennaro Cardaropoli, Adèle Charvet, Frank Dupree, Meinhard Obi Jenne, Julian Kainrath, Michael Korstick, Filippo Mineccia, Edgardo Rocha, Frank Peter Zimmermann, Boreas Quartett Bremen and conductors Adam Fischer, Ivan Boumans, Francisco Coll, Jakub Hruša, Stefan Plewniak and Giulio Prandi.

The video is still available in Deutsche Welle’s YouTube channel. The concert is online here:

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