Following Jean Tubéry’s conviction for « repeated remarks of a sexual nature », the French musician appealed against this decision on July 1, calling it a « judicial error » and denouncing the accusations as « slanderous and deliberately defamatory », according to an article published by ResMusica.

Jean Tubéry, founder of the La Fenice baroque ensemble, was sentenced on June 27 by the Sens (Yonne) criminal court to a six-month suspended prison sentence for « repeated remarks of a sexual nature », « by a person in authority ». This judgment follows three complaints in 2023 (one of which was time-barred) from female students at the CNSMD in Lyon, where Tubéry is a teacher. He was also ordered to pay damages to the plaintiffs for moral prejudice.

In his defense, the musician invokes two investigations from 2023, which concluded that there had been no harassment: an investigation entrusted to a law firm by the management of the Conservatory of Lyon and an administrative investigation by the City of Paris, where Jean Tubéry also teaches at the Paris CRR (Regional Conservatory).

Meanwhile the French Fédération des Ensembles Vocaux et Instrumentaux Spécialisés (Federation of Specialized Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles) did not consider this appeal and excluded the ensemble led by the musician, as they did earlier with Les Siècles, founded and led by François-Xavier Roth who allegedly was responsible for sexual harassment too. It looks that Les Siècles has since several weeks cut all ties with Roth, who was also dismissed as General Music Director in Cologne.

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