Hosted by Fondation de Luxembourg, Fondation Michelle is a foundation set up by an anonymous German music lover and meant to fund activities of young musicians in Luxembourg. The foundation’s activities are organized by Luxembourg’s National Cultural Fund FOCUNA. Since 2014, Fondation Michelle has supported 77 young musicians, 2 music scholars and 2 composers. With scholarships from €500 to €8 500, the grant holders were able to participate in international competitions, to take part in masterclasses to organize concert tours etc.

The foundation just has launched the program for 2017. Nine different scholarships are available

Complete information about the scholarships can be found on FOCUNA’s Internet page.

The various proposals are listed under Fondation Michelle. There are scholarships for young talents, international masterclasses, university studies, composition, orchestra musicians, touring and the participation at the Music Education Academy in Luxembourg.

The Internet pages give complete information about procedures, requirements, juries and deadlines.

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