The Paloma O’ Shea Santander International Piano Competition announced the names of the 20 pianists who have been selected to go through to the first stage of the competition which takes place from 25 July to 5 August in Santander. It is notable that this list is very international and shows no dominant position for Asian countries, like in other competitions. The Pre-selection Jury held auditions for 83 pianists from 20 countries in Paris (17th – 19th March), New York (25th – 27th March) and Madrid (6th – 9th April). The pianists had been selected from a total of 203 applicants by the Competition Committee.

Alphabetical order of the candidates to participate in the XVIII Competition (with name, country and age)

Juan Barahona, Spain, 25
Sebastian Berakdar, Germany, 21
Albert Cano Smit, Spain / Netherlands, 18
David Jae-Weon Huh, Korea, 28
Somang Jeagal, Korea, 31
Jianing Kong, People’s Republic of China, 29
Vasyl Kotys, Ukraine, 30
Gergely Kovacs, Hungary, 20
Vladislav Kozhukhin, Russia, 24
Ke Ma, People’s Republic of China, 20
Alexia Mouza, Greece / Venezuela, 25
Nuron Mukumiy, Uzbekistan / Germany, 18
Jinhyung Park, Korea, 18
Juan Pérez Floristán, Spain, 22
Pablo Rossi, Brazil / Italy, 26
Kazuya Saito, Japan, 25
Akihiro Sakiya, Japan, 26
Alexey Sychev, Russia, 26
Yinfei Wang, People’s Republic of China, 28
Andrey Yaroshinsky, Russia, 29

Reserve candidates:
Hyung-Min Suh, Korea, 24
Daniele Rinaldo, Italy, 30
Moye Chen, People’s Republic of China, 31

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