Due to the Corona restrictions, the world premiere of The Ninth Wave – Ode to Nature took place in Tokyo in March in an Internet only-version. This musical work with video projections was directed by Stefan Winter, with music by Fumio Yasuda after Ludwig van Beethoven

Officially the performance was cancelled in February. « A catastrophe, » says Stefan Winter, « four years of work for nothing! » But then everything changed. The Spring Festival in Tokyo decided to produce the work for the Internet. Winter says: « Instead of cancelling, they increased the budget and made the impossible possible. »

But there were more problems… The solo viola player Christophe Desjardins succumbed to a cancerous disease shortly before the production, to him this work was finally dedicated. The violist Tetsuya Hayashi stepped in. The oboe soloist Katharina Suske from Switzerland was not allowed to travel. Violist Maria Adachi took over the oboe part at short notice. The conductor Aaron Zapico from Spain was also missing, but the premiere finally took place in Tokyo on 14 March 2020.

Here is the link to the production. Viewing is possible for free until 4 September 2020.


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