Wiener Philharmoniker im Goldenen Saal des Musikvereins
(c) Richard Schuster

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra announced the program of “New Year’s Concert” in 2019. “New Year’s Concert” is an annual concert held by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra each year on New Year’s Day, their home grand “Große Musikvereinssaal”. The program is centered on the work of Johann Strauss II called “King of Waltz”, mainly by Waltz and Polka of the Strauss family. It is like a New Year ‘s card from music city filled with Vienna’ s emotion, the performances are relayed to more than 90 countries, and people watching it are said to be over 100 million people worldwide.
The conductor of 2019 is Christian Thielemann. Thielemann has appeared many times in the concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, but it is unexpectedly the first time to direct “New Year’s Concert”. This time, Thielemann took up the work of two Austrian composers, other than the music of the Strauss family, Carl Michael Ziehre (1843-1922) and Joseph Hellmesberger Jr. (1855-1907).

Carl Michael Ziehrer is one of the composers who was active in the heyday of Vienna operetta. One of Joseph Hellmesberger Jr. is a professor of composition by Vienna Conservatoire, a person who served as a concertmaster and chief conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. It is also known to teach George Enescu and Fritz Kreisler.

Carl Michael Ziehrer:Schönfeld Marsch, op.422
Josef Strauss:Transactionen. Walzer, op.184
Joseph Hellmesberger:Elfenreigen
Johann Strauss:Express. Polka schnell, op.311
Johann Strauss:Nordseebilder. Walzer, op.390
Eduard Strauss:Mit Extrapost. Galopp, op.259
Johann Strauss:Ouvertüre zur Operette “Der Zigeunerbaron”
Josef Strauss:Die Tänzerin. Polka francaise, op.227
Johann Strauss:Künstlerleben. Walzer, op.316
Johann Strauss:Die Bajadere. Polka schnell, op.351
Eduard Strauss:Opern-Soiree. Polka francaise, op.162
Johann Strauss:Eva-Walzer. Nach Motiven aus “Ritter Pásmán”
Johann Strauss:Csárdás aus „Ritter Pásmán“, op.441
Johann Strauss:Egyptian March, op.335
Joseph Hellmesberger:Entr’acte Valse
Johann Strauss:Lob der Frauen. Polka mazur, op.315
Josef Strauss:Sphärenklänge. Walzer, op.235

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