After having rebuilt the viola organista, a bowed piano invented by Leonardo Da Vinci, Polish musician Slawomir Zubrzycki plans to release the first ever CD album with a solo viola organista recital. He therefor launched a Kickstarter campaign with goal of $10,000. « Viola organista is a unique design. At first, no one believes that the sound he hears comes from the instrument he sees, » says Zubrzycki. Da Vinci combined together two separate types of instruments: keyboard and bowed strings. To produce sound, the keyboard is used to press strings against moving wheels wrapped in horse hair (functioning as bows).

Da Vinci made many sketches of it but never built it. Through the centuries many took up the challenge of bringing da Vinci’s idea to life, but no one fully succeeded. 5000 hours – that is the amount of time Zubrzycki spent, first in libraries than in a private workshop, on creating his viola organista.

Viola Organista Kickstarter campaign will continue to accept donations through August 20. If enough funds are raised, Slawomir Zubrzycki anticipates recording and releasing the album in November 2015.

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