Stephen Gould
(c) Kay Herschelmann

The 60-year-old American tenor Stephen Gould has now explained why he announced his retirement from the stage a few weeks ago: He suffers from incurable cancer. On his website he says:

« For all of my fans and well wishers: I have waited till the end of the Bayreuth festival, so as not to hinder the tremendous and heroic efforts displayed by this year’s 2023 team. I have nothing but joy and admiration for the Werkstatt continuing efforts toward excellence.

I was diagnosed with bile duct cancer with complications. It is Cholangio- Carcinoma, a fatal disease with an outlook of several months to 10 months. There is no cure.

I did not wish anything to cloud this year’s achievements, and I am grateful to Bayreuth, for teaching me all that I could have hoped to know about the performance of this great musicians works.

With many fond memories… Stephen Gould »

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