It almost looks like Europe had been banned from the Russian Tchaikovsky Competition. The result is a very Eastern one. Astonishingly, a number of prominent names of other (Western) competitions are found at the very end of the list. Astonishingly too, there is no First prize in the violin section. More astonishingly even, a number of declared favourites after the first rounds are far away from the first prizes.

The Russian musical press says that the era of sanctions by the Russian government marked this year’s Tchaikovsky Competition « as during the Cold War ». Russian journalists also deplore the rather low level of the finals, the artificiality of many jury decisions, and they fear for the international reputation of the competition. Future will show if this fear is justified. It all depends whether we will be able to meet again the names of the winners in concerts and recordings. Here are the winner lists:

1st prize: Masleev, Dmitry (Russia)
2nd prize: Li, George (USA)
2nd prize: Geniušas, Lukas (Russia/Lithuania)
3rd prize: Redkin, Sergey (Russia)
3rd prize: Kharitonov, Daniel (Russia)
4th prize: Debargue, Lucas (France)

2nd prize: Tseng, Yu-Chien (Taiwan)
3rd prize: Milyukov, Pavel (Russia)
3rdprize: Conunova, Alexandra (Moldova)
3rd prize: Kazazyan, Haik (Russia)
4th prize: Kang, Clara-Jumi (Germany)
5th prize: Kim, Bomsori (South Korea)

1st prize: Ioniță, Andrei Ionuț (Romania)
2nd prize: Ramm, Alexander (Russia)
3rd prize: Buzlov, Alexander (Russia)
4th prize: Ferrández-Castro, Pablo (Spain)
5th prize: Kang, Seung Min (South Korea)
6th prize: Roozeman, Jonathan (Netherlands)

1st prize: Matochkina, Yulia (Russia)
1st prize: Ganbaatar, Ariunbaatar (Mongolia)
2nd prize: Moskalenko, Svetlana (Russia)
2nd prize: Wang, Chuanyue (China)
3rd prize: Galoyan, Mane (Armenia)
3rd prize: Yoo, Hansung (South Korea)
4th prize: Grigoriev, Dmitry (Russia)
4th prize: Vesenina, Antonina (Russia)

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