The Takacs Quartet, just entering its 45th year, has announced a change to its line-up. Violist Geraldine Walther will retire from the group in May 2020, after 15 years. Korean-American violist and chamber musician Richard O’Neill will join the quartet from June.

“We feel extremely grateful to have been able to share our musical lives with Geri since 2005, benefitting from her wonderful sound and vibrant musicianship in concerts and numerous recordings,” say the continuing members of the Takacs. “We are excited to welcome Richard, who is a friend and colleague of ours at the Music Academy of the West, and whose artistry we have admired for many years.”

O’Neill joins founding member, cellist Andras Fejer, English first violinist Edward Dusinberre and American second violinist Harumi Rhodes, who is of Japanese-Russian descent.

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