Suntory Hall

Suntory Hall in Tokyo is scheduled to reopen its doors on 1 September after a major renovation which has been carried out on the entire hall in a seven-month project that was launched in February 2017.

The renovations were carried out under the basic concepts of « Tradition and Innovation » with focus on the three key points of « Inheriting Tradition-Acoustics and design », « Designing Diversity – For all audiences », and « Improving our facilities – Developing a next-generation performing space for music ».

The renovations were carried out in order to maintain the acoustics and atmosphere of the Hall. They focussed on achieving universal design aimed at providing a comfortable environment to a wide range of visitors. The vineyard-style design dictates the need for slopes and other physical constraints, but every possible repair and improvement was carried out in several areas to ensure better accessibility and generally enhance the facilities.

The main program of the Re-Opening Concert marking the new beginning of Suntory Hall after renovations will be Rossini’s Messe solennelle.

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