The National Symphony Orchestra of the Greek Radio and Television was established in 1938 and disbanded in June 2013, when the Greek Government closed the Radio and Television Station ERT. The same happened to the Choir and to the Orchestra of Contemporary Music. Since the government proposed a successor organization, New Hellenic Radio, Internet and Television (NERIT)] which was expected but finally failed to launch in August 2013, there is still some hope that the new organization will include musical ensembles. Indeed, a committee dealing with the new structure NERIT comprises the well known conductor Lucas Karytinos which is a good sign since it shows that there is some will to reopen the orchestras and the choir. Unfortunately there is no concrete plan to do so.

However, even with a small chance for the survival of the Greek music ensembles most of the 200 musicians are trying to find a new job and many apply for foreign orchestras. The situation is dramatic and if a bigger number of those experienced musicians would leave the Greek musical life, an unprecedented damage would hurt the local scene.

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