On March 5, singer Veronica Antonelli celebrates the 10th anniversary of Montmartre Enchanté! After similar activities in the South of France, the soprano started to sing for visitors during a guided tour at Montmartre in Paris in 2013, having been continuously successful since then.

The singer has chosen a selection of songs and arias suiting the different monuments that the visitors are discovering in a new way by the emotion of singing.  Montmartre Enchanté is now a registered trademark, and takes place all year round, on fixed public dates and in VIP privatization.

The singer who has been revealing the soul of monuments since 2005 has received for Enchanted Monuments, an innovative concept at the border between culture, heritage and tourism, 4 prizes, and has been invited to the World Humanities Conference. This concept and all its derivatives, including Montmartre Enchanté has been recognized by UNESCO.

Veronica Antonelli brings together, on this 10th anniversary, artists from different universes who will perform in duet with the soprano according to her original itinerary starting from the Abbesses, passing by the Sacré-Coeur up to the privatized Martyrium St Denis crypt where an exhibition of photographs and works in homage to the artist designer will be organized by photographers and visual artists.


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