The Jury of the Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition has selected 6 violinists (all women from 5 countries) who will participate in the Final round. The first of the three concerts is scheduled for next Thursday. There will be two violinists per concert, performing with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra led by Michael Stern. All will play Qigang Chen’s new violin concerto ‘La joie de la souffrance ‘and their choice of one other violin concerto.

Session 1 (Thursday at 7pm Shanghai time)
1)  Nancy Zhou, United States
2)  Yun Tang, China

Session 2 (Friday at 7pm Shanghai time)
3)  Diana Tishchenko, Ukraine
4)  Jia Yi Chen, China

Session 3 (Saturday at 7pm Shanghai time)
5)  Chang Yuan Ting, Canada
6)  Olga Šroubková, Czech Republic

The finalists

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