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Following the publication of our article about anomalies in the selection procedure of the chief conductor in Sevilla we received a significant clarification in form of the following letter, which explains  the origins of this affair.

Dear Mr Franck,

My name is Jose Maria Fernandez. I am the lawyer who was quoted in the article of El Mundo as confirming that Mr. Chichon is considering legal action against the Sevilla authorities which you have included in one of your new items today.

I feel I should clarify to you that I spoke to El Mundo on behalf of the platform of musicians ‘Maestranza’ which was formed by conductors, soloists and other musicians precisely so that the process of choosing a new conductor for Seville would be transparent. I did not speak on behalf Mr. Chichon.

It is this platform ‘Maestranza’ that has alerted Mr. Chichon about the anomalies of the process but of course it is up to Mr. Chichon to decide on legal action or not. We as a platform were not a candidate so we cannot consider any legal action against the authorities in question – only Mr. Chichon can do that. All we can do is try to ask Mr Chichon to help us expose the truth in this cloudy process, because we are all upset at the result of Halffter/Axelrod when the opportunity of having Chichon was in our opinion a one-in-a-lifetime chance for Seville to rise up to the top league of classical music.

I therefore ask you kindly to consider updating your statement to reflect this information or if you wish publishing me letter in full because we feel it’s not really fair on Mr Chichon when he is only trying to help us out of his own freewill when he has nothing more to gain in this situation.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Jose Maria Fernandez

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