Serge Dorny
© Matthias Creutziger

Serge Dorny’s so-called « Diva lifestyle » reported by the investigation site Mediacités has led to a media outcry in France. Médicacités says, the expenses of the director of the Lyon Opera, « average between 8000 and 8500 euros per month ». The article describes certain expenses as « surprising, even totally unjustified ». Apart from high additions in gourmet restaurants in Lyon and Paris, repeated stays in luxury hotels or the purchase of a pen at 600 euros, the article notes the mention of not really transparent trips abroad made on the grounds of « various appointments ».

Serge Dorny (*1962) is since 2003 at the helm of the Lyon Opera. He was supposed to take over the Semperoper in Dresden, but was sacked before even he began working there. He got a financial compensation of €1.5 million and stayed in Lyon.

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