Since Sept. 27, 2021, the San Antonio Symphony musicians have been on a strike due to cuts made by the management to their salaries and benefits. The management’s proposal would reduce the orchestra from 72 full-time employees to 46, keeping the other 26 as part-time employees who would lose all benefits, while those that remain full-time would have their salary cut by 50% and have some benefits taken away.

The latest information from the management reads like this: « We have been and continue to be in the midst of good faith bargaining, now with the aid of Federal mediators. We have had three meetings, February 14th, February 17th, and March 8th, with a fourth meeting in the process of being scheduled with the help of mediators. To date, we have provided multiple contract proposals and have offered to enter into binding arbitration, similar to the concept outlined in the proposed labor supported Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. We have faith the process will lead to an agreement all parties can support so we can, together, restore live performances for our community, our patrons, and music lovers. »

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