In its anniversary year, the Salzburg Festival is now having a problem with its logo:   The initiative ‘Memory Gaps’ recently pointed out that Leopoldine Wojtek, who designed the festival logo in 1928 must be considered a later profiteer and supporter of the Nazi regime.

The logo was chosen by Max Reinhardt. When the Nazis took power, the logo had to disappear from all festival publications. « In the whole Nazi era, from 1938 to 1944, there was no brochure or folder with this logo. Apparently the regime did not want to use a logo that Max Reinhardt had chosen, » explained Rabl-Stadler to the Austrian radio ORF.  The Americans brought the logo back for the first post-war festival in 1945 and it has been used ever since that year.

Now, the Festival commissioned a historian to examine the Wojtek case.

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