Salle Pleyel, Paris

Since years, the ex-wife of the former owner of Salle Pleyel in Paris, Carla-Maria Tarditi is fighting against the conversion of the famous hall into a location for non-classical music. Her husband sold the hall to the French state in 2009, and since the management of the new Philharmonic hall in the North-eastern part of the French capital was determined to rule out any possible concurrence, they decided to transform it into an establishment for commercial music. Therefore, the hall has been completely refurbished and acoustically adapted. It is due to open next Saturday.

Last Wednesday, Carla-Maria Tarditi brought lawsuits against both Cité de la Musique and the new occupant of Pleyel, Fimalac, for having totally modified the quality of the acoustics of the room, thus making it impossible to return there with any classical concert. And it’s just what Carla-Maria Tarditi wants to do, and she is supported by 11,000 petitioners.

The president of the commercial court, seized in an emergency procedure, asked that the affair should be presented in a special audience which is to take place on 30 September.

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