Villa in Hertenstein

Russia’s Minister of Culture, Vladimir Medinsky, told the press, that the project to purchase Sergei Rachmaninov’s Villa Senar in Switzerland had to be frozen, partly because of the sanctions and partly due to a lack of a consolidated position of the composer’s heirs. Russia wanted to buy the house with all its components, while the family proposed to sell everything separately, the house, the piano, the furniture, and the paintings. This was unacceptable for the Russian State, Medinsky told the press.

The Rachmanov Estate gave the follwoing comment: « As custodian of the Villa Senar after the death of his last owner – Alexander Rachmaninoff – the Serge Rachmaninoff Foundation is due to protect the property  of the composer on the Lake of Lucerne from any possible speculative abuse. In agreement with the legal heirs we are actively working to find the financial support needed to transform Villa Senar in a cultural center, as indicated in the testament of Alexander Rachmaninoff. The statement of the Russian Minister of Culture Mr. Vladimir Medinsky has been surely reported inaccurately. We are in touch with the Russian Federation – via the qualified diplomatic representative in Switzerland as well as directly with the office of Minister Medinsky – as we all (the legal heirs of Alexander Rachmaninoff and the Foundation) consider Russia as an important partner in the project.We wish to reassure all Rachmaninoff ‎lovers worldwide that it has never been the intention of the heirs of the Rachmaninoff Estate to sell the property and the archives in separate parts: opposite, we are working together to protect this cultural heritage and to fulfil the wish of the grand son of the composer, Alexander. »

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