Stefan Arzberger, a member of the international renowned Leipzig String Quartet suffered a very bad experience in New York. During the Quartet’s US spring tour, after the concert in Washington Library of Congress and on a day off in New York City criminals drugged him, stole his credit cards, money and personal belongings and left him disoriented for the rest of the night. He woke up with two police officers kneeing on his back. Without any memory of the past 5 hours he was charged assaulting a 64-year-old hotel neighbour. After spending one night in prison he was granted a 100,000$ – bail. The expenses for preparation of an efficient defence are easily up to 50,000$. Now, the Quartet asked for help: « We hope for your support and thank you for sharing this! Anyone wanting to donate to his defence fund would be appreciated, no amount is too small. All funds raised are sole for attorney fees. »

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