Riccardo Muti

Conductor Riccardo Muti was this weekend in the small Marche village of Maiolati Spontini (Ancona), where 250 years ago Gaspare Spontini was born. After the inaugural concert of the Spontini Celebrations at the Teatro Pergolesi in Jesi, the conductor continued in Maiolati the tribute to the the composer in the presence of local and regional authorities,

A lifelong connoisseur of Spontinis work and a profound admirer of his social legacy, to the point of being a benefactor of Opere Pie Spontini and an honorary citizen of Maiolati Spontini, Riccardo Muti brought a floral tribute to Spontini’s tomb inside the small church of the local nursing home, among the guests of the institution still run by Opere Pie, to which the composer donated all his wealth.

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