Renaud Capuçon
(c) Marc Ribes

French violinist Renaud Capuçon has created a new ensemble linked to the Lausanne School of Music (HEMU) where he teaches since 2014. Composed of the best strings of HEMU, the Lausanne Soloists will be performing in Switzerland and internationally in the season 2018-2019.

Selected on competition, between 11 and 20 students and alumni will play with Renaud Capuçon. They will come from his class and those of other HEMU teachers. The Lausanne Soloists will address a repertoire specific to this type of training and the first concert tour will be dedicated to Bach and Tchaikovsky.

With a name that symbolizes both its local roots and its international dynamism, the Lausanne Soloists ensemble « wants to witness a dynamic characteristic of the Lausanne University of Music, which is keen to support its musicians also beyond their studies », the news release says. The HEMU-CL Cultural Foundation will provide most of its funding.

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