In 2017, the Queen Elisabeth Competition will hold a competition devoted to the cello. The decision to launch a new competition, dedicated to the cello, was a natural one, taken after meeting with a number of outstanding young cellists and against a background of worldwide enthusiasm for the instrument today.
Despite this enthusiasm, it seems that the international scene has lacked a major competition devoted to the cello; the cellists approached by the Competition over recent months have reacted very favourably to the idea of establishing a competition along the same lines as the others organised by the Queen Elisabeth Competition.

The rules and the event’s musical partners will be announced in January 2016. As with the Queen Elisabeth Competition’s other disciplines, the members of the jury will be announced just before the public rounds.

In future, the four-year cycle of competitions will take place as follows:
2015 violin
2016 piano
2017 cello
2018 voice
2019 violin, etc.

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