(c) Remy Franck

After eight days of competing and singing the Grand Prix of Nations & 3rd European Choir Games ended yesterday in Riga, Latvia. The pure statistics are impressive: 156 choirs with about 5.000 singers from 30 countries – a record number of participants – made these European Choir Games the biggest one’s ever including more than 200 competition performances.

The Grand Prix of Nations & European Choir Games competitions left great results: During the Open Competition 35 Golden, 56 Silver and 2 Bronze Diplomas were awarded altogether. The European Champions Competition granted 29 Golden, 23 Silver and 1 Bronze Medals whereas the Grand Prix of Nations gave 74 Golden and 19 Silver Medals to the choirs.

The table of medals is led by Latvia that gained 49 Medals altogether, followed by Russia with 30 and Great Britain with 10 Medals. The Russian Children’s Choir “Alye Parusa”, the Estonian National Girls’ Choir LEELO, the Latvian Riga Orthodox Chamber Choir « Blagovest » and the British Barnsley Youth Choir were further the only choirs who ranked first in the European Choir Games and in the Grand Prix of Nation as well.

The next Grand Prix of Nations & 4th European Choir Games will welcome you in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2019.

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