Ralph Vaughan Williams (1957)

During 2022-23 the music industry will celebrate the 150th birthday of British composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams (12 October 1872 – 26 August 1958). In a press release the Ralph Vaughan Williams Society says this will be « a commemoration of international significance, with performances, recordings, publications and associated events, and the last major anniversary before his works go out of copyright. Due to the effect of the pandemic, celebrations will be taking place up to and well beyond the birthday on 12th October this year. »

The Society is working with a number of partner organizations in raising awareness of ‘RVW150’, supporting external activities and connecting with potential promoters, performers, publicists, media, and record labels: « The anniversary provides an opportunity for the widest range of performances internationally, both amateur and professional, with many of the UK’s national orchestras and choirs, regional concert promoters and festivals planning to programme works by Vaughan Williams and his students to mark the occasion.  An overseas campaign is reaching out to promoters, particularly in the USA and Japan. Exhibitions and seminars are also planned. »

A highlight of the year is a new publication entitled ‘Vaughan Williams: A 150th anniversary celebration’ published by Choir & Organ as the official Collectors’ Edition celebrating the composer’s life and works and produced in association with the Ralph Vaughan Williams Society, the membership group dedicated to widening the understanding and appreciation of the composer and his music.

The publication presents a broad cross-section of Vaughan Williams’s works, drawing partly on archive materials from the Society’s Journal and from Choir & Organ, alongside new features specially written by Society members and freelance writers.

Furthermore, Albion Records has a full program of releases for 2022 with a number of world premiere recordings.

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