Radio Romania Muzical, the only Romanian radio station dedicated exclusively to classical music and jazz as increasing its audience significantly. The radio station is part of Radio Romania, established in 1928, a corporation which produces and broadcasts cultural products (radio programmes, recordings, albums, books and CDs), whilst being a major cultural player in the country. Radio Romania runs six musical ensembles with permanent seasons: the Romanian Radio National Orchestra, founded in 1928, at the same time as the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation, the Romanian Radio Chamber Orchestra, the only Romanian chamber orchestra with a regular season, the Radio Academic Choir, the Radio Children’s Choir, the Radio Big Band and the Radio Folk Orchestra. They perform mostly in the Radio Hall, the largest symphonic and choral concert hall in Romania. It was built in 1959 and inaugurated in 1961.

Editura Casa Radio is the broadcaster’s publishing house.

Radio Romania Muzical has a 24 hours programme with various genres, symphonic, chamber music, operetta, choral music, folk, jazz, soundtracks.

It is run by a team of specialists, all having graduated from national and international music schools and has important partners from the music world and the Romanian cultural environment. It is a member of the European Broadcasting Union.

Cristina Comandasu, Manager of Radio Romania Muzical, and ICMA President Remy Franck

On its website, the visitor can find the station’s live broadcasts plus three online alternative stations: Opera mia, For kids & Relaxing music. The website gives access to an online archive of programmes in audio format, so that the radio shows are accessible at any time, according to each listener’s schedule. A parallel English website is also available.

All this led to the success of Radio Romania Muzical, and a study says that listening of classical music in Romania increased in the last 10 years by 30%, to almost 30% of the population. Radio Romania Muzical certainly contributed to this.

From 2017 to 2024, the market share of Radio Romania Muzical increased three times, from 0.7% to 2.1%, which is similar to the market share of a commercial radio station.

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