The Queen Elisabeth Competition is currently holding a competition for singers from 14 to 31 May. After the first eliminatory rounds, the 12 finalists have been announced.

Wednesday 28/05 [20:00]
Ms. Jodie Devos [soprano, Belgium]
Ms. Emoke Baráth [soprano, Hungary]
Mr. Levente Pall [basso, Romania]

Thursday 29/05 [20:00]
Ms. Sarah Laulan [mezzo-soprano, France]
Ms. Hyesang Park [soprano, Korea]
Ms. Daniela Gerstenmeyer [soprano, Germany]

Friday 30/05 [20:00]
Ms. Chiara Skerath [soprano, Switzerland]
Mr. Hansung Yoo [baritone, Korea]
Ms. Sumi Hwang [soprano, Korea]

Saturday 31/05 [20:00]
Mr. Seung Jick Kim [tenore, Korea]
Ms. Sheva Tehoval [soprano, Belgium]
Mr. Yu Shao [tenore, China]

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