Minnesota Orchestra
Photo: Tim Rummelhoff

In a letter to the Minnesota Orchestral Association’s Board ten legislators of the Democratic Farmer Labor Party (DFL) ask for the resignations of CEO Michael Henson, chairman Jon Campbell and past chairman Richard Davis. The association is holding its annual meeting today in Minneapolis, 14 months after the beginning of the musicians’ lockout.

The legislators’ argument is a fiscal mismanagement by the board. The letter says that orchestra leaders have manipulated financial results “in a deliberate deception of the public.” In addition to demanding resignations, the letter insists on an immediate ending of the lockout and resuming contract negotiations.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota musicians informed the public that they have raised $650,000. This money will allow them to organize more concerts on their own, as they did in the past. Current plans are for eight to 10 concerts through next spring. The musicians revealed that they have earned $201,289 from concerts since Oct. 1, 2012, while spending $288,587. Donations have covered the difference.

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