The Polish airline LOT has not allowed Polish violinist Janusz Wawrowski to board a plane with his Stradivarius, according to ResMusica and Rzeczpospolita. Wawrowski was booked on a flight from Vilnius to Warsaw when he was asked to put his 1685 Polonia Stradivarius in the baggage compartment of the plane, which, of course, he refused.

This violin was purchased by Poland in 2018 to mark the centennial of its independence. Its market value is approximately 5 million euros. It is kept in the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Janusz Wawrowski being its only user.

LOT regulations allow to take on board an aircraft a hand luggage with a maximum weight of 8 kg and a size of up to 118 cm, the dimensions of the Stradivarius case and its weight do not exceed these measurements. Nevertheless, the LOT people remained stubborn, and Wawrowski had to travel by bus for a long eight hours.

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