Placido Domingo

Spanish singer Placido Domingo has announced his resignation as director-general of the Los Angeles Opera, an institution to which he had been linked since its creation three decades ago and of which he has been director-general since 2003. Domingo is accused of sexual harassment by 20 women, according to an Associated Press (AP) report. His resignation removes his last link to the world of opera in the United States.

The Domingo case is currently being investigated by the Los Angeles Opera and by the Musicians’ Union of the United States. Two American orchestras, the San Francisco Opera and the Philadelphia Philharmonic, had already cancelled performances. Last week, the singer withdrew from the Macbeth production at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

« Recent accusations that have been made against me in the press have created an atmosphere in which my ability to serve this company that I so love has been compromised, » writes Domingo in a press release sent to the press by the Los Angeles Opera. « As I continue to work to clear my name, I have decided that “it is in the best interests of LA Opera for me to resign as general director and withdraw from my future scheduled performances at this time. »


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