Placido Domingo

Facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment the Spanish singer Placido Domingo, 79, apologized for « the hurt » caused to his accusers, saying he accepted « full responsibility » for his actions.

« I want them to know that I am truly sorry for the hurt that I caused them. I accept full responsibility for my actions, » he said in a statement sent to Spanish news agency Europa Press. Before, Domingo had denied the allegations

« I have taken time over the last several months to reflect on the allegations that various colleagues of mine have made against me, » said Domingo. « I understand now that some women may have feared expressing themselves honestly because of a concern that their careers would be adversely affected if they did so. While that was never my intention, no one should ever be made to feel that way, » he said.

Domingo said he wanted to affect « positive change in the opera industry so that no one else has to have that same experience », expressing hope his apology would encourage others to do the same.

« It is my fervent wish that the result will be a safer place to work for all in the opera industry, and I hope that my example moving forward will encourage others to follow, » the statement concluded.

In the United States, Domingo’s career has come to an end, while in Europe he continues to be applauded by the audience.

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