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Generating electricity with solar energy has become an affordable way for house-owners to make a gesture to the planet by limiting CO2 emissions, and therefore fight against global warming. Installing a photovoltaic system is a highly ecological act, and that’s what Pizzicato just has done.

Our photovoltaic system has 44 panels with photovoltaic cells that convert the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. With 13,2 kWp, the system produces twice the quantity of electric energy needed by the Pizzicato offices and the adjacent building, which means that a considerable quantity of energy can be sold to CREOS, the company which manages electricity and natural gas grids in Luxembourg.

The installation was installed by one of the major providers of photovoltaic systems in Luxembourg and Germany, Sonalis (https://www.sonalis.de/ or https://www.sonalis.lu/).

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