Created as a print magazine in 1991, Pizzicato slowly started the transformation into an online magazine in 2013.When in December 2013 the last print edition was published, the Internet activity was brought to full speed. Since then we have published 7500 articles which are online today and freely accessible. Among those 7500 articles we count 2.250 audio reviews and 280 video reviews.

With a readership of 5.000 visitors per month early in 2014, we ended up passing the 100.000 visitors mark in December 2016, bringing the total readership for the last year to nearly a million visitors who read over 4.5 million pages.

This means that we start confidentially in the 26th year of Pizzicato’s existence and in the 5th year of our Internet presence, thanking all of our readers in Germany (50%), Luxembourg (15%), the United States (15%) and all the other countries for their fidelity.




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