The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) has received a $1.2 million dollar gift from Pittsburghers Michele and Pat Atkins. The restricted gift, which will be distributed over three years, will be used to support the recently announced salary increases of PSO musicians.

“We believe strongly that the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra plays a pivotal role in the city of Pittsburgh and in this region,” said Michele and Pat Atkins. “When we heard that the musicians chose to take a pay reduction to ensure that the orchestra would remain a strong and vital institution in this region, we knew we wanted to recognize their sacrifice. We wanted to make a stretch gift to signal that these musicians are worthy of support and recognition. They do so much to make our community thrive. We understand that this is the first such gift to the PSO to fund a portion of musician salaries as compensation for decreases they have taken over the years. It is our hope that others in this region will recognize and reward the orchestra’s greatness and the generosity and dedication of the musicians who give of their talent and also of their personal resources for the benefit of us all.”

PSO Bass player Micah Howard, chairman of the musicians’ Orchestra Committee, said, “Words cannot express how grateful we, the musicians of the Pittsburgh Symphony, are to Michele and Pat Atkins. Their very generous gift will help to ensure the future of this great institution both artistically and financially. We are truly blessed to live in a city with people such as Pat and Michele who so deeply believe in the value of maintaining a world-class orchestra.”


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