Philippe Jordan
(c) JF Leclercq

Swiss conductor Phuilippe Jordan, 47, who was appointed as Music Director of the Wiener Staatsoper in 2020 will not extend his contract in 2025. He told the newspaper Kurier that he believed that opera and the company were headed in the wrong direction. When he took the job, he had the dream of being able to realize a true collaboration between the stage and the orchestra pit, the conductor says: « I have now come to the conclusion in these two years that this was probably not realistic and is not really desired at all. »

He added: « I believe that our theater, as far as directing is concerned, has been on a fatally wrong path for a long time. Rarely in my career have I been truly happy in productions. »

However, according to a statement of General Director Bogdan Roscic, Jordan’s decision has nothing to do with the productions or the direction of the theater. So what?

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