Philip Glass

American composer Philip Glass has been chosen as the Eleventh Glenn Gould Prize Laureate. “Our jury has made a brilliant choice in selecting Philip Glass,” said Brian Levine, Executive Director of The Glenn Gould Foundation. “At the start of his career his music was seen as radical and even derided for being contrary to the prevailing musical current, but his work advanced solidly until it permeated our cultural consciousness; it has exerted a profound influence on a whole generation of composers, filmmakers, dramatists and opera directors. »

The prize has been doubled to C$100,000 (US80,000). Past winners include Robert Lepage (2013), Leonard Cohen (2011), Dr. José Antonio Abreu (2008), Pierre Boulez (2002), Yo-Yo Ma (1999), Oscar Peterson (1993) and Yehudi Menuhin (1990)

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