Salle Cortot, Paris

French cellist Jérôme Pernoo (43), a professor at the National Conservatory in Paris and a well-known soloist, has launched a crowd-funding on Kiss Bank in order to get the money for a planned Chamber Music Centre at Salle Cortot in Paris. He presents his idea as a ground-breaking approach to the performance and sharing of classical music.

This is his dream: A dedicated centre where on weekdays and at weekends the public is invited to hear classical music at an affordable price and with no prior booking, played by a company of highly talented musicians. The centre is aimed at being a place where musicians and audiences come together, be it in the Salle Cortot’s new foyer or at the Music Lovers’ Club. Pernoo plans to create an opportunity to sing Bach every Sunday (Bach & Breakfast) as well as an extensive program of outreach, young people’s concerts, and programmes for the whole family.

Within Pernoo’s project, audience and sponsors would provide the greater part of funding needed to run the Centre, the programming would be taken care of by the musicians themselves, and music-lovers give commissions to young composers…

According to Pernoo, the 400-seat Salle Cortot is perfectly suited to chamber music, be it piano, strings, wind instruments or voice…

The project is aimed to start in November.

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